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COMES' Mission Statement encourages us to "Teach, advise, and mentor undergraduate and graduate students who become future leaders in marine science and resource management."  Our success can be measured by the number of individuals who've been part of our programs as students, and who've returned - either immediately following graduation or a few years later - to COMES, to other positions within OSU, or to leadership positions within their communities.

Those who returned to COMES include: Jessica Miller and Kathleen O'Malley, both former grad students in Dr. Michael Banks' lab, and Christina DeWitt, now Director of the Seafood Research and Education Center, who was mentored by Dr. Michael Morrissey.  Tim Miller-Morgan, former student of Dr. Chris Langdon, is now Oregon Sea Grant's Aquatic Animal Health Specialist here at the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Others who've become leaders in their field include Jacek Jaczynski, continuing his food science and safety research on trout, krill, and Omega-3 at West Virginia University.  Daniel Gomez Uchida, who served as an advisor for the Pacific Marine Conservation Council (PMCC), is now at the University of Washington, Aquatic & Fisheries Sciences.  Dan Lewer, formerly in Bruce Mate's Marine Mammal Program, is now a vet in Newport, where he supports the staff of the Oregon Coast Aquarium with expert animal care.

And Newport can boast about having one of the best examples of economic, community and fisheries collaboration in Laura Anderson, a recent COMES graduate student.  Laura and her partner Al Pazar, local fisherman, founded Local Ocean Seafood restaurant and fish market.  Laura's been a leader in supporting healthy fisheries, and has been acknowledged for her efforts by several organizations.

With their varying backgrounds and experiences, our students bring fresh eyes (and ideas) to our research projects, allowing for the best kinds of collaboration.  And the mix of students from several academic departments (Agricultural and Resource Economics, Bioresource Engineering, Fisheries & Wildlife, Food Science & Technology, Marine Resource Management, Microbiology, Oceanography) adds even more value to these collaborations.

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