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Who are we?  How did we get here?   And what do we do?

The Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station consists of scientists who work with marine resources from the early-life stage, through juvenile and adult phases, to harvest and processing.  Our faculty, experts in their chosen fields, bring a diverse and complementary range of skills to the issues they encounter, and are equally at ease at working with other scientists, industry, and students.

Our students, attracted by a strong faculty, are some of the best in the world.  They bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm, and persistence to our labs and our classes, along with a willingness to pitch in and learn all about the industry they're studying.   

To understand the second question, you could ask:  "How - and why - did Oregon get a marine experiment station?"  There's a bit of history involved, but strong leadership (Dr.Lavern Weber and Captain Barry Fisher) combined with industry's needs were key to COMES' establishment in 1989.

As for what we do, COMES' research Is defined by its Mission Statement.  The eight long-term goals are simple and direct, encouraging results-oriented collaboration with industry, state and federal agencies, and scientists from many other research organizations. 

And because COMES is structured to work closely with industry, our Advisory Board has been set up to represent various segments of Oregon's economy - including aquaculture, banking, ecology, fisheries, resource management, and seafood processing.

Like any other large organization, we have an Administrative Organization Chart, which shows how we're structured, where we're located, and how we can be contacted.  We also produce reports and other publications, including an Annual Report, which describes the organization and its history, the research undertaken by the faculty and our students, the support that COMES has received and the papers published (includng journal articles, conference proceedings, and theses) during the fiscal year.  Our Strategic Plan, which is available for review, will be undergoing review and update in late 2013.  Our latest newsletter is now on-line, (earlier issues are available here) and our Guin Library staff have recently started building an on-line bibliography for our research papers

And check out More About Us, stories and articles about COMES, its faculty, staff, students, and history.

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