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Dave P. JacobsonDave Jacobson

dave.jacobson@oregonstate.edu, 541-867-0423

Dave is a Faculty Research Assistant in the Fisheries Genetics Lab at Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport. OR. He manages the lab, collects abd analyses data and assists graduate students and interns in with the molecular tool needed for their projects.   
Dave has called Newport is home since 1996, but was born in North Dakota and has lived in 8 different states.  
His hobbies are:   Backpacking, long walks on the beach and wine making.



Jonathan Minch

Jonathan Minch









Renee Bellinger

M. Renee Bellinger
For a list of publications, click on Google Scholar

I am interested in which sensory cues are used by animals during long-distance migration and how migratory distribution patterns are passed as inherited traits to offspring.  Animals are able capable of sensing geomagnetic fields and appear to use these as navigation cues, but the receptor mechanism used for magnetic perception is poorly understood.  My current research aim is identify the genetic basis of biologically precipitated iron-mineral crystals of magnetite enclosed inside candidate magneto-receptor cells.  This is being accomplished by sequencing genes expressed in magnetic and non-magnetic olfactory cells, using RNA-seq, and determining which genes are differentially expressed in the magnetic cell type.  Research findings are foundational to the development of a reliable and reproducible test of magnetite-containing cells response to electromagnetic treatments. Once this cell-based assay is available, we will be able to definitively assess whether animal magnetic sense is enabled by magnetic material that is naturally produced in cells.  Renee was former coordinator for the West Coast Genetic Stock Identification Collaboration and Project CROOS, Collaborative Research on Oregon Ocean Salmon.  Learn more about salmon stock distributions at www.Pacificfishtrax.org

Nick Sard

Nick Sard

I am currently evaluating a spring Chinook salmon reintroduction program using genetic parentage techniques, but I am also interested in fish migration and programming in R.
Personal webpage: http://nicksard.wix.com/nicksard

Chante Davis

Chante D. Davis,

Personal webpage:  http://davischanted.wix.com/davisgrad

William Hemsworth

William Hemsworth

Due to climate change and other anthropogenic disturbances, we can expect major changes to the diversity of life on Earth. It is critical that we understand how life will adapt to these changes so that we may best protect that diversity. I am currently using population genomics to study how species will adapt to changes in their environment by looking at how recently introduced Threespined Stickleback have rapidly evolved to differences in water temperature in the Deschutes River. I am also interested in the genetics underpinning the formation of new migratory pathways in birds and other groups.


Kathleen O'Malley  Dr. O'Malley's Website   

   -  kathleen.omalley@oregonstate.edu

Melissa Evans     Dr. Evans' Website        

  - melissa.lea.evans@gmail.com

Marc Johnson       Dr. Johnson's Website

   - marc.johnson@oregonstate.edu




Amelia Whitcomb, 2012

Title of dissertation: “Mate choice of wild spawning coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) in the Umpqua River, Oregon.”


Mattias Johansson, 2010

Title of dissertation: “Genetic patterns of demography and diversity in eastern north pacific rockfishes (genus Sebastes)


Rebecca Baldwin, 2010

Title of dissertation: “Using parasite community data and population genetics for assessing Pacific Sardine (Sardinops sagax) population structure along the west coast of North America”


Marc Johnson. 2009

Title of dissertation: “Patterns of natural selection and demography in coastal Oregon coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) populations: evidence from neutral and olfactory receptor gene-linked markers.”


Kathleen O'Malley. 2007

Title of dissertation: “An investigation into the genetic basis of migration timing in Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)”


Jeremiah Bernier, 2006

Title of dissertation: "Neural gene expression profiing in Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) of alternate run times"


Daniel Gomez-Uchida, 2006

Title of dissertation: “Spatial and temporal scales of genetic change in two overfished rockfishes”


Troy Guy, 2004

Title of dissertation: “Landscape-scale evaluation of genetic structure among barrier-isolated populations of coastal cutthroat trout, Oncorhynchus clarki clarki.”


Jeb Wofford, 2003

Title of dissertation: "Factors influencing within-watershed genetic variation of coastal cutthroat trout in Camp Creek, Oregon."


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