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Scott Baker 
Cetacean Conservation GeneticsDepartment of Fisheries & WildlifeScott's home page
541 867-0255
2012-2013 research update

Scott studies whales, to improve our understanding of the impacts on the populations, their current
 status, and their future.  He has continued his work on 'whale-meat" markets, which is part of a
long-term study of trade in protected whales and dolphins.    

Michael Banks 
Marine Fisheries Genetics; Department of Fisheries & Wildlife: Michael's F&W home page
541 867-0420         E-Mail
2012-2013 research update

Michael applies population genetic/genomic principles to discern how physical and biological
processes interact in the ocean for best utilization, appreciation, and sustenance for the future.

Christina A. Mireles DeWitt
Value-Added Products; Department of Food Safety & TechnologyChristina's SEA-REC home page; Christina's FS&T home page
503 325-4531 E-Mail
2012-2013 research update

Christina, Director of the Seafood Research & Education Center, also focuses on efforts
to improve seafood quality and safety, advance seafood science education, and develop
better products through seafood processing.  

Markus Horning
Pinniped Ecology Applied ResearchDepartment of Fisheries & WildlifeMarkus' home page
541 867-0270  E-Mail
2012-2013 reearch update

Markus studies the ecology, behavior, and physiology of pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, and walruses), 
focusing on diving and foraging behavior, and how it relates to breeding behavior.                         ___________________________________________________________________________________

Chris Langdon
Molluscan Broodstock ProgramDepartment of Fisheries & WildlifeChris' F&W home page
541 867-0231     E-Mail  
2012-2013 research update  

Chris' research interests include understanding the impacts of ocean acidification on marine
bivalves, aquaculture of shellfish and marine tropical fish larvae, polyculture,
microencapsulation techniques, aquaculture nutrition, molluscan genetics, and marine ecology.

Jessica Miller  
Marine and Andromous Fisheries EcologyDepartment of Fisheries & WildlifeJessica's F&W home page
541 867-0381        E-Mail
2012-2013 research update

Jessica specializes in early life history of marine and anadromous fishes and examines
life history variation and mechanisms regulating survival by combining field, otolith chemistry,
and genetic approaches.           

Kathleen O’Malley  
Ecological and Conservation Genetics of Fishes; Department of Fisheries & Wildlife; Kathleen's F&W home page
541 961-3311  E-Mail
2012-2013 research update

Kathleen studies the genetic basis of life history trait variation.  Her current research focuses on
the role of circadian rhythm genes in regulating migration and breeding time of salmonid fishes.

Jae Park  
Seafood Science & Surimi EducationDepartment of Food Science & TechnologySurimi School Website; Jae's FS&T home page
503 325-4531 E-Mail
2012-2013 research update

Founder and Director of the OSU Surimi School and Surimi Forum, Jae's interests include maximizing the
functional properties of fish proteins, and developing ways to use overlooked and underutilized seafood species.

Yi-Cheng Su  
Seafood Microbiology & SafetyDepartment of Food Science & Technology;Yi-Cheng's FS&T home page; Yi-Cheng's Sea-REC home page
503 325-4531   E-Mail
2012-2013 research update      

Yi-Cheng specializes in seafood microbiology and safety, focusing on preserving quality, increasing shelf life,
and reducing bacterial pathogen contamination of seafood while improving marketability and value.

David Sampson  
Fisheries Population DynamicsDepartment of Fisheries & WildlifeDavid's F&W home page
541 867-0386 E-Mail
2012-2013 research update
David's work - which incorporates stock assessment, bioeconomics, population dynamics, and fisheries
management - includes work for the Oregon Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, and service on the Scientific
and Statistical Committee for the Pacific Fishery Management Council.

Gil Sylvia
Marine Resource Economics and Marketing; Applied Economics (formerly Agricultural and Resource EconomicsGil's Home Page
541 867-0284 E-Mail
2012-2013 research update

Gil, Director of the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station, specializes in marine
resource economics and marketing, fisheries management and policy, bioeconomic modeling,
and aquacultural business economics and policy.

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