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We're continuing to add additional background information about the coastal, estuarine and marine worlds.  Links to these topics are listed below:

About Aquaculture - what it is, where it's used, and how it might be used in the future

About Fish -  brief background on several of the species we work with - both anadromous and marine 

About Fishing - descriptions and illustrations of fishing method and types of vessels

About Our Ports - a listing of the coastal ports in Oregon, with links to their websites

About Seafood - a collection of links about seafood, the types, how to choose, and how to prepare, recipes included

And More About Seafood - a collection of articles about various types of seafood

Historical Documents of HMSC - videos (Capt. Barry Fisher), oral histories, photos

More About Us - stories and articles about COMES, its faculty, staff, students, and history

Our Publications - link to research papers written by COMES faculty, students, and staff (work in progress)

SeafoodU - our video channet

CAS' Research Magazine - provides an overview of CAS' programs

OSU's Research Magazine - provides an overview of OSU's programs

OSU's News & Research Communications - links to press releases and other articles

OSU's YouTube Channel - offers a wide variety of videos, focusing on research as well as campus life

Great Blogs:

  Oregon Beachcomber Blog - Science about what washes ashore, and more, by Sheanna Steingass

  ORCAA Blog - Animal Acoustics

  Big Island Time Blog - Ed and Jessica, from Hawaii

  Oregon Coast STEM Hub - Science, Technology, Engineering & Math on the Oregon Coast

  Breaking Waves - Oregon Sea Grant blogs about coastal science

  Impact - updates from the College of Science

  Underwater Ocean Sounds - Ocean Acoustics from PMEL/CIMRS

  What's Past is Prologue - HMSC History

  HMSC Currents - HMSC Staff Newsletter

Hatfield Marine Science Center Visitors Center - HMSC Front wing with science displays




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