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Sylvia 2012-2013 Research Update

Marine Resource Economics and Marketing

Gil Sylvia, Professor, Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station and Department of Applied Economics

Research during the past year has concentrated on seafood marketing, bioeconomic modeling, fisheries management and policy, education of fishery managers, and coastal community development.   Outreach and public service has been directed at improving fisheries management, publishing and presenting marketing and management research, and assisting west coast industry and agencies in developing cooperative and cost-effective fisheries research.  Many of these interdisciplinary projects include close cooperation with the Astoria Seafood Laboratory, the Community Seafood Initiative/Fish Trax Systems Inc., Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Cooperative Institute of Marine Resource Studies, the World Bank, and economists and biologists of the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Research projects include: 1) developing optimal traceability and accountability systems for handling, marketing, and sustaining fisheries and seafood using real time information systems; 2) developing education programs for fishery managers; 3) conducting consumer surveys to determine perspectives and values for developing seafood traceability systems; 4) exploring ecosystem services associated with marine reserves; 5) developing case studies for improving education in stock assessment and international seafood trade; 6) managing the Project CROOS Group (Cooperative Research on Oregon Ocean Salmon) for using genetic and traceability systems for improving the science and management of ocean salmon; and, 7) developing fisheries bioeconomic models for the country of Ghana, the larger Western Africa region, and the World Bank and FAO.       

We continued to work closely on numerous ventures with the formerly named Community Seafood Initiative, now known as Fish Trax Systems, Inc.  The focus of Fish Trax, which is a suite of electronic fish information systems using near real time information, is to support marketing, science, and fishery management (www.pacificfishtrax.com http://www.fishtrax.com  https://markeplace.fishtrax.org).  A new product called Fish Trax Marketplace, developed by the CSI/FTS is now being licensed and commercialized.   In addition, we are working with a small international group to develop standards for advancing fishery electronic information systems.  The highly interdisciplinary CROOS project is ongoing and is funded from a variety of sources and involves COMES faculty, the Oregon Salmon Commission, National Marine Fisheries Service, Oregon Sea Grant, CSI, and ODF&W.  The projects goals include using genetic and oceanographic analysis to reduce harvests of weak salmon stocks while avoiding large area closures, develop new approaches for salmon management, and using digital technology for information tracking systems for management and marketing. The project remains the largest collaborative research program ever undertaken by the Oregon salmon industry and involves more than 150 fishermen and vessels. We have developed a larger and more comprehensive West Coast group (West Coast Salmon -- Genetic Stock Analysis) conducting genetic salmon research from Washington to Central California.   In cooperation with a consulting company (the Research Group, Corvallis) we have developed an integrative bioeconomic fishery model to be used by the World Bank in developing and analyzing investments to reform fishery management in the country of Ghana.  The model is designed to be usable by fishery managers and stakeholders.  A phase II development is expected in 2014 including training of managers for using the model.

These research projects have generated over $2 million in extramural funding and are supporting three graduate students in the Departments of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Marine Resource Management.   

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