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Taylor Chapple brings years of research concerning one of nature’s most engaging apex predators – the (great) white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) - to COMES.  A marine ecologist, Taylor has studied sharks across the globe, including in one of the world’s largest marine protected areas located in the British Indian Ocean Territory, off the coast of South Africa, and off of the California coast.  Through the use of different types of electronic tags (acoustic, satellite, and biologging), Taylor studies shark migration and movement patterns as well as behaviors, foraging ecology and population dynamics.

White sharks are a critical component of many healthy marine systems, but are often vilified in popular media. In truth, as apex predators, they serve as the “managers” in marine communities, keeping marine mammal populations in check and helping maintain the balance of ecosystems. A balanced ecosystem supports economically important fisheries, such as salmon, and can create direct and indirect economic value for coastal communities. Increased research coupled with science-based education and outreach can help tip the scales towards appreciation of their biological and economic value.

Taylor’s research at OSU will continue to focus on white sharks, concentrating specifically on how they are using the coastal waters off Oregon, particularly in relation to rapidly changing ocean conditions. He will continue to use tagging technologies to evaluate their seasonal presence and unique behaviors in this region, as well as how these animals contribute to the larger northeast Pacific population of white sharks.

He also plans to study salmon sharks (Lamna ditropis) from Alaska to California, researching their movements, feeding ecology, and impacts on coastal marine ecosystems throughout the region.


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