David Dayan

Faculty Research Assistant
david.dayan [at] oregonstate.edu

Dr. David Dayan is a molecular ecologist. He uses emerging techniques in genomics and population genetics to better understand the ecology, evolution and population dynamics of aquatic organisms. In his role at the State Fisheries Genomics Laboratory, David is particularly interested in revealing the genetic basis of ecologically significant traits, characterizing population structure and connectivity, and uncovering the environmental forces that shape populations of freshwater, anadromous and marine fishes.

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David is from St. Petersburg, Florida. He earned a BA in Biochemistry and Marine Biology from New College of Florida, and a PhD in Marine Biology and Fisheries from University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Before joining the State Fisheries Genomics Lab, David conducted post-doctoral research at Clark University. In his free time David surfs, fishes and organizes for transportation justice.

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