COMES Core Values

The COMES organization embodies the following values:

  • Responds to the needs of Oregon coastal communities, the seafood industry, and disciplinary professions.
  • Embraces diverse relationships and openness to new ideas and working styles.
  • Commits to fostering undergraduate and graduate student research and education.  
  • Supports teamwork and coordination among colleagues within COMES, the Hatfield Marine Science Center, the College of Agriculture, the Marine Studies Initiative, and other departments and academic units at OSU.
  • Fosters partnerships and cooperation with national and international scientists, members of the fishing and seafood industries, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations.  
  • Engages in interdisciplinary research in solving complex problems in marine resource science and management.
  • Integrates research, education, and outreach responsibilities.   
  • Maintains the COMES reputation as a source of reliable and objective research-based information.