Integrated Marine Fisheries Lab

The Integrated Marine Fisheries Lab conducts scientific research to answer management-relevant questions. Much of our work focuses on better understanding population and community dynamics of groundfish species in the North Pacific. To do so, we rely on a combination of field sampling, lab-based research, and statistical modeling techniques. We also place considerable value on collaborating with academic and agency scientists, resource managers, and fishery stakeholders because of its benefit to both process and product.

Research areas include biogeographic effects on life history traits, food web dynamics, and climate change impacts on species distributions. We are particularly interested in developing scientific products that can be used to inform stock assessments and ecosystem-based fisheries management.

Cheryl Barnes’ position is funded by Oregon State UniversityOregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW, Marine Resources Program), and external sources. In addition to her work with OSU, Cheryl serves as the ODFW representative on the Scientific and Statistical Committee for the Pacific Fishery Management Council.