Articles from OSU Publications

Progress Magazine (formerly Oregon's Agricultural Progress)

A Legacy of Research Ensures the Future of an Industry (Winter/Spring 2023)

Microplastics Research Project - OSU scientists take a closer look at how large-scale plastics break down in the environment - (Spring 2020)

Adapting to a Changing Ocean (Fall 2019)

Research at the Edge of the Pacific - Portraits of marine studies from the College of Ag Sciences (Winter 2017)

This is a Summer Job? - Undergrads engage in research across the state (Winter 2016)

The Next Big Thing - Sea Vegetables (Summer 2015)

Build a Better Oyster - OSU has made oysters tastier and safer to eat (Summer 2015)

Ensuring Safety in a Fast-Paced Fishery - OSU’s Seafood Lab ensures freshness in Northwest albacore (Summer 2015)

Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station - Science at the edge of the world's largest ocean (Winter 2014)

Making Oregon's Seafood Safe and Sustainable (OSU Seafood Laboratory) (Winter 2014)

Pacific Invasion - Launched by a tsunami, hitchhiking organisms make landfall on an Oregon beach (Winter 2013)

Connecting the Dots - Tiny samples of living tissue reveal the genetics of salmon recovery (Winter 2011)

Pacific Albacore Tuna - Home to Oregon's seafood entrepreneurs (Fall 2009)

The Fine Art of Breeding Oysters - Good breeding is at the heart of the West Coast oyster industry (Fall 2009)

Welcome to Surimi School - It's an international buffet of new seafood-based delicacies made from fish that no one else wanted (Summer 2007)

The Secret Code of Salmon - Researchers are developing new genetic tools to sort out salmon in the ocean and help fishermen target healthy stocks and avoid endangered ones (Fall 2006)

Water, Water Everywhere? - Coastal communities are running short of water, where and when it’s needed the most (Fall 2006)

The Ocean Next Door - The mighty Pacific Ocean shows its power—and its vulnerability—in recent OSU research (Fall 2006)

Hatching New Ideas About Wild Salmon - A new research hatchery studies the interaction of wild and hatchery salmon (Spring 2006)

Tuna Goes to Market - Experiment Station research is helping to develop new markets through the Community Seafood Initiative (Fall 2004)

The Salmon Connection - Farmers, fishermen and researchers on opposite sides of the state have joined forces to understand how to sustain wild salmon (Summer 2003)

Pressed for Success - The pressure's on in the oyster industry. It may be the first good economic news in a long time (Winter 2003)

The Year of Decision - Just after the turn of the century Oregonians made a choice that changed the state (Summer/Fall 2001)

The Smiles We Left Behind - A writer gives us his thoughts on outstanding OSU agricultural research in the 20th century (Winter 2000)

The Breed's in the Seed - OSU fisheries scientists are using crossbreeding techniques to develop disease-resistant oysters (Spring/Summer 2000)

Pearls of Wisdom - OSU's coastal research station works with marine resources (Spring 1999)

Lavern Weber's Excellent Adventure (Spring 1997)

Playing the Shell Game - Oregon used to have an abalone industry, and it will again if an OSU researcher has his way (Winter 1997)

A Taste for Waste - OSU Seafood Laboratory researchers are helping fish processors avoid waste and protect the environment (Fall 1996)

Terra-Stories from the Edge of Science

Farming the Waters - (February 2020)

A Side of Seaweed, Please - (May 2016)

The Blue Economy (May 2015)

From Research to Retail (February 2011)

Salmon Survival (July 2007)

Oregon Stater - OSU Alumni Association Magazine

A food chain mystery - (Winter 2022), pp. 14-17