Mission and Goals

The Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station conducts research, and supports education and research leadership, to understand, utilize, and sustain marine resources and coastal ecosystems in order to benefit the citizens of Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, the Nation, and the World. COMES strategic goals include:

  1. Increasing economic and social benefits from wise use, management, and sustainability of Oregon’s marine and coastal resources and associated ecosystem services.

  2. Developing improved techniques for assessing, harvesting, managing, and utilizing marine fishery resources.

  3. Developing and improving products and production processes that generate high value, high quality, and health-supporting seafood and seafood byproducts.

  4. Developing new or improved aquaculture products, processes, and systems.

  5. Improving marketing efficiency and increasing local, domestic, and export markets for Oregon’s seafood products.

  6. Conducting interdisciplinary research that evaluates physical, physiological, chemical, genomic, and behavioral factors – and their interactions – for utilizing, conserving, and protecting living marine resources.

  7. Supporting beneficial economic development of coastal Oregon communities.

  8. Communicating knowledge to students, scientists, managers, industry, and the public to support wise utilization and sustainability of marine resources.

  9. Teaching, advising, and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students to become future leaders in marine science and resource management.


Core Values

Strategic Intent (2018)